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dog park design development Page

Updated 12/15/2014


All images are the FUTURE Freedom Barkway, we need to raise about 110K to get this park open!

The Old Fourth Ward Freedom Barkway Corporation (OFWFBC) has jumped the big hoops!
  • Received approval from the City of Atlanta Department of Parks, Recreation and Cultural Affairs and has been granted the land for 99 years.
  • The Freedom Park Conservancy, looking out for the long term on the Freedom Parkway Green Corridor, has also given their approval (we moved the fence back from Freedom Parkway to avoid all trees and agreed to plant a buffer zone of trees between the park and the road to maintain the Green Corridor  continuity).
  • The Urban Design Commission (UDC) whole heartedly approved our plans for O4W on March 12, 2014.
Designing Healthy Habits into the Fabrics of Neighborhoods and Parks!
  • The use of the park will be open to everyone, both dog watchers and people with woofs, and is well within walking distance of the high/mid density residential of the Old Fourth Ward and surrounding neighborhoods as well as connecting to the Freedom Park Trails and the nearby NE Atlanta Beltline pedestrian byways.
  • Neighborhood destinations like a dog park build strong neighborhoods as people bump into and talk to neighbors that otherwise would have no contact. Everyone feels safe talking to other people with dogs !
  • All four neighborhood associations representing the Old Fourth Ward (FWW, Fourth Ward Alliance, Fourth Ward Neighbors and Sweet Auburn) and other adjoining neighborhoods are excited by the prospect of a dog park and we have thousands of signatures on our petitions.
  • Passive security designed in with sweeping views of the park at all walkways so people and dogs know what’s around the corner.
  • Rounded edges so dogs can’t be trapped in a corner by another dog, 5′ fences around the park and between dog areas.
  • 100% ADA (American Disabilities Act) compliant so everyone can visit and enjoy the joyous dogs.

1- Freedom Barkway Neighborhoods: Walking distances of 1/2 mile = a 10 minute walk FreedomBarkway_InfoPoster_02
2- Freedom Barkway Site Plan CADD image FreedomBarkway_2-3

3- Freedom Barkway Site Plan CADD image + Google mapFreedomBarkway_3-3


BELOW: Early 3d version of the Park – Design has evolved into previous images after meetings with various approval agencies.

1- BirdsEye From West (passive security with sweeping views of the park from all walkways).
2- Water Features with splash pads for big and small dogs, dog loving kids accompanied by parent allowed too!
3- View From Freedom Pkwy with splash pads beyond (cars driving by with views of park are passive security systems).
4- North Entrance.
5- North Entrance looking west  (passive security with sweeping views of the park from all points).
6- Alt view of North Entrance with sidewalk added to connect small dog recreation area.
7- Alt view of 2nd entrance to small dog recreation area -designer felt a complete pedestrian park walk through was needed at the advise of Joan Piccalo, ASLA Landscape Design Studio– this version was subsequently scraped as strollers had to pass through dog areas to transverse the park, not a very good public amenity to some!
8- View of entrance with dual sidewalks beyond.